The library of DURAND ABOGADOS comprises a legal collection of about five thousand books. Besides of works of reference the collection consists of volumes containing issues of prominent law reviews, state statutes and regulations, and a variety of treatises, encyclopedias, looseleaf services, and practice guides.

Emphasis is made on the constant updating of the collection and to this end the most recent editions are continually included, coming from leading legal publishing houses, such as Thomson Reuters, Reed Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, C.H. Beck, Oxford and Dalloz. The collection embraces all the practice areas covered by our law firm.

Specialized software and databases

  • Software to monitor the hours of attorney work time
  • Software to manage and monitor files, the opening / closing of files
  • Database providing a contentwise differentiated overview of the entirety of cases handled, past and present
  • IP Alerting
  • IP Software – patents & trademarks
  • Litigation