Employment & Pensions

Experience and practice of our Employment Department include all aspects of employment, labor law and litigation, as in reorganizations of personnel, restructuring and redundancy measures and outsourcing projects. We use our skills as counselors, strategists, problem solvers and trial lawyers to assist clients in finding efficient means for their particular needs.

Clients mostly seek our advice in order to design and implement their employment law and litigation strategies within diverse regulatory settings. Our capability to provide a high-profiled service for each matter, which is tailored to the client’s specific needs and preferences, draws from the multi-sectoral approach of our firm and the connected practice of our professionals. Therefore we are able to extend integrated and efficient support across a wide range of employment related matters, while we make sure that our clients are fully prepared to address the constantly emerging demands of their environments.

DURAND ABOGADOS has offered legal advice in several matters of employment practice, such as:

  • All Aspects Of Retirement Schemes
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution & Avoiding Litigation
  • Civil Rights Charges & Litigation
  • Development of Labor Strategies for Complex Transactions
  • Employment Contracts
  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Labor Issues in Bankruptcy
  • Labor Litigation & Large Case Management
  • Labor-Management Relations
  • Labor Policy & Legislation
  • Occupational Safety & Health Act
  • Public-Sector Employment Issues
  • Wage & Hour Matters